I stopped watching Q&A a couple of years ago as it, or rather most of people invited to be on it, stopped arguing rationally. Too much emotions and unfounded claims from both side of the politics drove me away from it. This continues to be the case and showed itself again in the episode that had Yassmin Abdel-Magied1  and Jacqui Lambie 2 shouting at each other3. Background aside one by-product of that episode was me being introduced to New Democracy and the idea of randomised legislative assemblies. I have been thinking about such a system for a long time, mainly in the context of some sci-fi futuristic society, and I couldn’t believe it that other people — none of them seem to be particularly interested in the sort of thought experiments that I enjoy, advocate the same system.

  1.  She is objectively wrong when she claims that Islam is progressive in any sense and I really feel bad for her. In the end of the day, she is entitled to her belief not matter how wrong it is as long as she can tolerate other people’s beliefs. 
  2.  I see where she comes from,  but a bit of measured thinking and better articulation would go a long way. 
  3.  I over-heard the discussion when my wife was watching the episode