Ok, I was travelling from Amsterdam to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi. Then I realised that I am not checked in my second leg (AUH-MEL) since the flight was overbooked. As a result I have to wait for 24 hours for my next flight. It is not all bad you might say, but it is the second time that it has happened to me in the last 32 days. Last time I had to wait 17 hours and I made a complaint. They offered me 25,000 FF miles, I was planning to answer them when I am back in Melbourne, then this happened. So I sent them the following email:

Dear (name),

I wanted to wait until I am back at my place in Melbourne so that I can reply to your email with a cool head. But, unfortunately, Etihad Airways did not let this happen. On my flight back from Schiphol via Abu Dhabi, I wasn’t checked in the leg from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne for whatever reason, even though I had a full-fare ticket, and now I am stranded in the airport for 24 hours. Well done you managed to increase 7 hours to my waiting time at the airport since the fiasco I had to go through last time, 32 days ago. My interaction with the Etihad Airways has started to sound like a tragic comedy. Currently there are two questions in my mind. First, I am wondering, and I hope you forgive my paranoia, if me going through this again has anything to do with my complaining last time. Second, is Etihad Airways genuinely a terrible airline or I am just very unlucky? I would be happy if you can clarify this.
Going back to the previous complaint, I have to clarify that it had NOTHING to do with the delay. I understand that delays happen. My complaint was on why on Earth I was not placed on a more suitable flight than the one that was 17 hours later, there was a flight to CDG in one hour and it was not full. Anyways, that is history now.
Regarding the offer of 25000 miles on an Etihad FF account; I have to reject it. It is of no use to me since I haven’t used Etihad on a regular basis (maybe 5 times in total in last 6-7 years) and even if I had any plan of using it in future, those plans are out of the window. I will do all my best not to fly with Etihad. There are always other options.
My complaint had another component to it as well, and I have not heard from you on it. I think the interaction that I had with Etihad Help was utterly unacceptable (as documented in my original complaint.) They sent me on a wild goose chase across the airport looking for “managers that will take care of me”. Alas, such promises never went further than mere pointless promises. That was infuriating, my time has more worth than just being wasted by people who want to pretend they are helping.
And seriously, why can’t I just go to the gate and board planes without going through this bizarre freak show?
I expect an answer from you. Of course, you can refuse to answer me, which might prove my point that Etihad Airways and its customer service are insincere as well as incompetent.
Iman Shames