“Fault Detection and Mitigation in Networks with Measurements Following Kirchoff’s Voltage Law” Simulation File

To conform with the guidelines of reproducible research the code used to produce the results presented in the abovementioned paper can be found at KVL. I try to add more comments to the code to make it more readable and consequently truly reproducible. In the meantime I thank you for your patience.

For more information on Reproducible Research see here. I think it is a great idea and I believe that the researchers across all disciplines should adhere to these, or other similar, guidelines. The benefits of such an action are two folds. First, new scientific and engineering results become more accessible. Second, research itself becomes more transparent, and in turn, conducting meaningful and constructive criticism is made easier.

I acknowledge that my way of making my research reproducible might not be optimal. But well, it is how I do it :-). I try to make it better in the future.

Universe Revealed Events

Universe Revealed is a non-profit organisation that is run by a group of enthusiastic individuals that happen to be my friends as well. Their aim is to build events to provide a new way of engaging the public in science via having a mixed group of active world class scientists and some noted science communicators as presenters.

Check out their website for more information

Universe Revealed Events


Revolutionist: Meet the Secret Strategist Behind the Arab Spring

Srdja Popovic is something of an expert on unjust societies, and in particular their rectification and reconstruction by nonviolent means. Just over a decade ago, Popovic was a student activist in Belgrade working to oust Slobodan Milošević. After that odds-defying campaign ended with the Yugoslav president’s one-way trip to The Hague, Popovic spent a few years in electoral politics before founding the Centre for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies, or CANVAS, and began training activists interested in copying the Serbian model of bottom-up regime change. CANVAS has worked with people from 46 countries, and graduates of Popovic’s program include organizers of the successful movements in Georgia, Lebanon, Egypt, and the Maldives. The young Iranians rioting against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 downloaded 17,000 copies of Popovic’s guide to nonviolent action. The Syrians currently standing up to Bashar al-Assad are the latest in the long line of advice-seekers. With little fanfare, Popovic, who is 39, has become an architect of global political change. And no one is more surprised about this than Popovic himself. Read more.

[Image: Fabrizio Giraldi/Luzphoto]

What’s the matter, you dissentious rogues, that, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, make yourselves scabs?

Coriolanus, Shakespeare